WA State Licensing: Start a business

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Now that you've completed the Business License Application, you will soon receive packets of information from some or all of the following state agencies:

Note: The Department of Labor and Industries and Employment Security Department will expect quarterly reports following the date you put on the Business License Application as the first hire date. Reports are required quarterly for all active accounts, even if you have no employees and "0" hours to report. Failure to submit your quarterly reports will result in the assessment of penalties and interest. In addition, you must file an excise tax return with the Department of Revenue even if you have no business activity to report.

You should also see if there are other state or local agencies you need to contact. Here are some resources to help you:

Use of personal property

Businesses that use personal property (i.e. assets or equipment used in conducting business) or have taxable personal property must complete a personal property tax listing form. The listing must be filed with your county assessor's office by April 30 of each year. The assessor uses the listing to value your personal property taxes. Contact your local assessor for instructions. See our Personal Property Tax brochure for detailed information.

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Use of music

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