WA State Licensing: Waste tire storage site owner

Waste tire storage site owner


A Waste Tire Storage Site Owner endorsement is required of any business with outside storage of more than 800 tires which are no longer suitable for their original purpose. You will also need:

  • A permit from the County Health Department where the site is located.
  • and
  • Financial assurance sufficient for hiring a third party to remove the maximum number of tires permitted to be stored at the facility and deliver the tires to a facility permitted to accept the tires.

Post your license

A license must be posted at each location where the licensee operates. You may not begin this business activity until you receive a Business License listing the required endorsement.

How to apply

Apply by using one of the following options:


Specialty endorsement Fee
Waste Tire Storage Site Owner $250 per location
($50 non-refundable)
Other fees that may apply Fee
Registering your business name as trade name $5
Business License Application $19 (non-refundable)

Regulatory questions

Department of Ecology
Waste 2 Resources
Phone: 425-649-7104