WA State Licensing: Miscellaneous vehicle sub-agency

Miscellaneous vehicle sub-agency

A Miscellaneous Vehicle Sub-agency endorsement is required for each additional business location after the first, primary miscellaneous vehicle dealer business has been licensed.

Business site requirements

Your business site must:

  • Comply with all applicable building codes, zoning, and other land-use ordinances. For more information, please contact your city or county directly.
  • Be located at a commercial property with an enclosed building.
  • Have a permanent sign with the business name and the type of business (such as Auto Sales).
  • Have an operating telecommunications system and a phone number listed in directory assistance.
  • Be open from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m., five days per week. These hours are referred to as “normal business hours.” Additional hours and days of operation may be added at your discretion. You must prominently post the hours of operation at the main entrance doors.
  • Have an area to maintain books, records, and files at the business site. If two or more vehicle dealer businesses share a location, all records, office facilities, and inventory must be physically separated and clearly identified.

Licensing requirements

To get a Miscellaneous vehicle sub-agency endorsement, you must have the following:

  1. $5,000 bond. Bonds are available through many insurance companies. We recommend you research the cost of your bond before you apply for a license.
  2. Copy of your property tax statement, or the rental/lease agreement for the business site, as proof of ownership. The rental/lease agreement must be valid for at least one year.


All retail vehicle dealers are required to use the E–Permitting system. Find out more about E–Permitting.

Post your license

A license must be posted at each location where the licensee operates. You may not begin this business activity until you receive a Business License listing the required endorsement(s).


After you receive your license

  • You'll need a contract with us if you want to search vehicle registration information.

How to apply

Apply by using one of the following options:


Endorsement fees Fee
Miscellaneous vehicle sub-agency $100
Plate, decal, and certificate fees Fee
Dealer plate—miscellaneous vehicles (except motorcycles) $50.75 each
Dealer plate—miscellaneous vehicles (motorcycles) $44.75 each
Other fees that may apply Fee
Registering your business name as a trade name $5
Business License Application $19 (non-refundable)

Can I get a temporary permit?

To obtain Temporary Miscellaneous Vehicle Dealer Sub-agency permits, contact Dealer Services at 360-664-6466.

Regulatory questions

Department of Licensing
Phone: 360-664-6466