WA State Licensing: Specialty licenses

Specialty endorsements

The specialty endorsements listed below are available through the Business Licensing Service. In many cases, you will also need:

Type of endorsement Endorsement fee
Architect Firm $278
Bulk fertilizer distributor $25 per location
Cigarette making machine $93 per location
Cigarette retailer
See also: Tobacco products retailer
$175 per location
Cigarette vending machine $30 per machine
Cigarette wholesaler
  • $650 main location
  • $115 each branch location
Collection agency—in state
  • $850 main location in WA
  • $550 each branch location (in Washington or out of state)
Collection agency—out of state
  • $425 main location outside WA
  • $275 each branch location
Commercial telephone solicitor $72 per location
Egg handler/dealer
  • $30 first location
  • $15 each additional location
  • $350 per location
  • $75 per limousine for Vehicle Certificates
  • $25 per limousine for Vehicle Inspection Report
Liquor endorsements Variable fees
Lottery retailer $25 per location (one-time, nonrefundable)
Manufactured/mobile home community $10 per manufactured/mobile home
Marijuana infused edibles processor $895
Marijuana research $250
Marijuana transportation $250
Minor work permit No fee
Nursery retailer/wholesaler Variable fees
Pesticide dealer $67 per location
Private investigator agency
  • $600 with unarmed principal
  • $700 with armed principal
  • No fee for each additional location
Radiology Benefit Manager $200 per location
Rental car No fee
Scrap Metal Variable fees
Seed dealer $125 per location
Seller of travel $202 per location
Shopkeeper $55 per location
Tobacco distributor
See also: Cigarette retailer
  • $650 main location
  • $115 each branch location
(Fee waived if you are also applying for or already have cigarette wholesaler endorsement.)
Tobacco products retailer
See also: Cigarette retailer
$175 per location
(Fee waived if you are also applying for or already have cigarette retailer endorsement at same business location.)
Underground storage tank $173.80 per tank
Vapor product delivery $250
Vapor product distributor
  • $150 main location
  • $100 each branch location
Vapor product retailer $175
Vehicle and vessel dealer Variable fees
Vehicle manufacturer Variable fees
Vehicles for hire (includes taxis)
  • $110 for permit
  • $55 per vehicle for certificates
Vehicle transport and disposal Variable fees
Waste tire carrier $200 per location plus $50 per vehicle ($50 nonrefundable)
Waste tire storage site owner $250 per location ($50 nonrefundable)
Weighing and measuring devices Variable fees
Whitewater river outfitter $25 per location
X-ray facility and devices Variable fees

My specialty license is not listed here. How do I learn more about other types of specialty or professional licenses?

If you need a license that is not available through Business Licensing Service (i.e., contractors, day care, gambling licenses, etc.), file a Business License Application and contact the regulatory agencies listed in your Business Licensing Wizard to get more information about those licenses. You can also consult the list of licenses.