My DOR Changes - Coming March 2, 2017

My DOR Changes

We are working towards a more user-friendly customer experience and have made some enhancements to My DOR, Washington's business licensing system.

Set a default payment account with ease

If you have multiple business accounts, you can now set a default bank account to make payments for those accounts.

Manage multiple accounts with one click

Previously, you had to navigate through multiple links to find and view your accounts in detail. Now, you can view all of your accounts on your account dashboard in detail with one simple click. Message alerts will now take you directly to the task you need to complete with just one click as well.

Navigate quicker to Governing People

Previously you would have to search through the dashboard to get to "Customer Trade Names" and "Governing People". Now, you can view them easily under the "Names and Addresses" tab.

Work from your phone or tablet

My DOR now has increased mobile capabilities. You can now view and perform tasks on your mobile device.