WA State Licensing: Business licensing forms

Forms: Business Licensing

Agriculture Addendum
Application for Approval of Limousine Chauffeur Training Course
Application for Employer Identification Number (SS-4)
Application to Form a Limited Liability Co.
Articles of Incorporation Non-Profit
Articles of Incorporation Profit
ATF - Special Tax Reg & Return - Alcohol and Tobacco
Authorization for Electronic Funds Transfer
Bellevue Adult Cabaret Establishment Addendum
Bellevue Ambulance Addendum
Bellevue Cabaret Addendum
Bellevue Dance Hall Premises Addendum
Bellevue Panoram Premises Addendum
Bellevue Pawnbroker/Dealer Addendum
Bellevue Personal/Criminal History
Bellevue Standards for Plans and Drawings
Bond of Registered Waste Tire Carrier (Department of Ecology)
Bond of Registered Waste Tire Storage Site Owner (Department of Ecology)
Business Information Change Form
Business License Application for Business Licenses
Business License Application Supplement for Collection Agency, Branch Office, or Out-of-State Office
Business License Application Supplement for Employment Agency, Branch Office, or Listing Service
Business License Application Supplement for Private Investigator Agency/Principal License
Business Record Search
CCI Liquor License Information Sheet
Change in Governing People, Percentage Owned, and/or Stock/Unit Ownership
Change for Registered Agent or Office - Statement of Change
Change Name, Addr (RTTO - Registered Tow Truck Operator) (Department of Licensing)
Change Name, Addr (Vessel, Misc, Mobile, Vhcle Dealer) (Department of Licensing)
Change Name, Address (Wrkr, Hulk, Scrap) (Department of Licensing)
City Business License Addendum
City Fee Sheet
Club Liquor License Information Sheet
Collection Agency Change of Manager (Department of Licensing)
Collection Agency Business Financial Statement/Balance Sheet
Collection Agency (In or Out of State) Surety Bond
Commercial Telephone Solicitor - Personal/Criminal History
Commercial Telephone Solicitor Supplemental Information
Complaint Form - Office of the Attorney General
Confidential Licensing Information Authorization
Contractor Registration
Corporate Information
Dealer—Personal/Criminal History Statement
Dealer Check List (Department of Licensing)
Employment Agency General Manager Exam Appl.
Employment Agency Surety Bond Form
Environmental Checklist
Financial/Source of Funds Statement (Department of Licensing)
Financial Statement (for Gambling or Liquor License)
Foreign Limited Liability Company Registration
For Hire Addendum
Gambling License Certification Program
Hazardous Materials Regulations Business Bulletin
Information for New Registrants (UBI)
Instructions for Completing the Vehicle Dealer/Manufacturer Addendum
Instructions for Completing the Vehicle Transport/Disposal Addendum
Instructions for Completing the Scrap Metal License Addendum
Instructions for Form SS-4
License Fee Sheet
Limited Liability Company Information
Limousine Carrier Chauffeur Addendum
Limousine Chauffeur Training Curriculum Fundamentals Business Bulletin
Limousine Inspection Sites
Liquor - Change Name (Corporation, LLC, LLP, LP, Trade Name)
Liquor Control Board Addendum - Club
Liquor Control Board Addendum—Non-Retail (Liquor Control Board)
Liquor Control Board Addendum—Retail (Liquor Control Board)
Liquor License Descriptions and Fee Sheet (Non-Retail) (Liquor Control Board)
Liquor License Descriptions and Fee Sheet (Retail) (Liquor Control Board)
Liquor License, How to Apply
Liquor License, Temporary Pre-Aprroval Permit Acknowledgement
Lottery Accessibility Affidavit
Manufactured/Mobile Home Community Registration
Medical Examination Report
Medical Examiner's Certificate
Motor Vehicle and Other Dealer License Requirements (Department of Licensing)
Non-Retail Liquor License Description and Fee Information Sheet (Liquor Control Board)
Obtaining Your For Hire Permit and Vehicle Certificates Business Bulletin
Obtaining Your Limousine Carrier License and Vehicle Certificates Business Bulletin
Personal/Criminal History Statement (For Liquor, Lottery, Gambling, and Cigarette Wholesaler/Tobacco Distributor Licenses)
Personal/Criminal History Statement (For Vehicle/Vessel Dealer, Wrecker, or Commercial Telephone Solicitor Licenses)
Pharmacy Benefit Manager Registration Addendum
Private Investigator Addendum
Raffle (Unlicensed) Info-Requirements & Restrictions
Retail Liquor License Description and Fee Information Sheet (Liquor Control Board)
Registered Professional Design Firm (Architect Firm) Addendum
Registered Tow Truck Operator Official Fees
Richland Business License Addendum and License Category Sheet
Richland Mobile Food Vendors/Concessionaires Guidelines Business Bulletin
Salon/Shop, Personal Services Operator, or Mobile Unit App.
Scrap Metal License Addendum
Sellers of Travel Registration Addendum
Source of Funds Statement
State Patrol Inspectors for Limousine Inspections
Trade Name Registration Business Bulletin
Underground Storage Tank Addendum
Underground Storage Tanks Closure/Site Assessment Notice
Underground Storage Tank Business Bulletin
Used Vehicle Battery License Storage Questionnaire
Vehicle-Related and Scrap Metal Recycling Fee Description Sheet
Vehicle Dealer/Manufacturer Addendum
Vehicle Dealer E-Permit Online Access Application (Department of Licensing)
Vehicle Transport/Disposal Addendum
Vehicle Transport/Disposal Branch Site Addendum
Vehicle, Vessel, Vehicle Manufacturer, Registered Tow Truck Operator, Wrecker, or Scrap Metal Business Bond (Department of Licensing)
Vehicles Used to Conduct Business as a Hulk Hauler, Scrap Processor and/or Motor Vehicle Wrecker
Waste Tire Carrier & Storage Site Licenses (WAC)
Weighing and Measuring Devices Addendum
Whitewater River Outfitter Addendum
Wholesale Cigarette Dealers Bond 
X-ray Facility and Devices Registration