WA State Licensing: File a Business License Application

Apply for a state business license

Who should file, and when?

You must apply for a Washington state business license when you first start your business, or when you change or update your business. You'll need to apply (or re-apply) if you want to:

How to apply

You may apply by using one of the following options:

Online - The fastest way to file! (due to high volumes, we are currently processing applications within 10 business days; paper applications may take 6 weeks.)

  1. File online using our new online system, My DOR. My DOR works with Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

    To get started:

      1. Login using your Secure Access Washington (SAW) user ID. If you don’t have a user ID or aren’t sure, see if you have an account first before signing up.
      2. Once logged in, add My DOR to your list of services, then open My DOR.
      3. If you’re filing an application for a new business, click File Business License Application.
        If you’re filing an application for an existing business:
      • Add access to your business. You’ll need a renewal letter with your UBI number and letter ID.
      • Click on the name of the business that needs attention, then click Add New Business Location. More options are available if you click on the location name.

Paper - (NOTE: Business license applications filed on paper may take up to six weeks to process.)

    To file by paper:

    • Complete theBusiness License Application and any supplemental forms that apply to your business. To find out which supplemental forms you’ll need, see the Business Licensing Wizard.
    • Mail your completed application, supplemental forms, and a check or money order for applicable fees to the address on the form.