City of Spokane Requirements and Fee Calculation Instructions

City of Spokane Requirements and Fee Calculation Instructions

City of Spokane Registration fee: $117

City of Spokane Nonprofit Registration fee: $58.50


Calculate number of employees:

All owners, partners, corporate officers, agents, dealers, LLC members and managers, business trustees, and any person employed by or at any business within the city and/or persons who perform any part of their duties within the City of Spokane.

  • Part-time and temporary persons are also counted as employees.
  • Businesses located outside of the city limits of Spokane should count only the employees who come into the city to do business.
  • Sole proprietors and their spouses are not considered employees and should NOT be included in the employee count/fee.

Determine per employee fee:

Employee Fee Calculation
Per person fee is based on the total number of employee(s) working within the City of Spokane.
Number of Employees Fee Per Person - Profit Fee Per Person - Nonprofit
1 through 5 $10 EACH N/A
6 through 10 $15 EACH N/A
11 or more $20 EACH N/A


Non-Resident businesses
The license for a business operating in this city, but based outside this city, is determined by gross annual income and number of employees (FTEs) who work within the city limits.


Reported Gross Annual Income

License Fee

$0 through $2,000

No Fee

Above $2,000

$117 + employee fee (see table above)


Spokane Municipal Code Chapter 8.01, Business Registration

Note: You are not authorized to conduct business in Spokane until all local Code requirements are met.

If you have checked any of the boxes in lines 5 or 10 on page 2 of this form, please call the Spokane Fire Department at (509) 625-7041 to schedule your safety evaluation. Please be aware that the safety evaluation may discover related activities that could require additional Building or Fire Department permits and fees. We are here to help your business succeed and reduce your risk of a fire while avoiding citations, fines & possible business closure for non-compliance with local Municipal Codes. Thank you for helping make Spokane a safer place to live and work!


A few basic fire safety requirements for new businesses

  • Provide address numbers/letters that are readily visible from the street. For each building the address must be posted with numbers/letters at least 4" in height placed on a contrasting background (IFC 505). Office tenant spaces require identification also.
  • Keep combustible storage to a minimum and away from electrical panels and any heat producing devices. Combustible storage shall not be stored in exits, exit enclosures, boiler rooms, mechanical rooms or electrical rooms (IFC 304, 305, 315).
  • Storage shall not encroach within 2' of the ceiling in non-fire-sprinklered areas of buildings and aminimum of 18" below sprinkler deflectors in fire-sprinklered areas of buildings (IFC 315.3.1).
  • Extension cords shall be maintained in good condition and shall not be used in place of permanent wiring or extend through ceilings, doorways, walls, floors, etc. (IFC 605.5

Other business activities

You must contact the City of Spokane Department of Taxes & Licenses at (509) 625-6070 directly for additional licensing, fees or taxes if your business involves any of the following activities.

  • Entertainment, concerts or carnivals
  • Gambling
  • Collection of admission
  • For Hire Vehicle or For Hire Vehicle Operator
  • Amusement games
  • Utility business, occupation or activity