City of Vancouver Requirements and Fee Calculation Instructions

City of Kennewick Requirements and Fee Calculation Instructions

General Businesses

License Fee: $55

Employee Fee: $5 per full time employee (FTE).

The minimum number of employees is one (1).

If you do not have a physical location inside Kennewick city limits, but you will travel into Kennewick to conduct business, count only the employees that work in the City of Kennewick.


Employee definition:

  • Any person who performs work, labor, or services for a business within the city limits and is on the business’ payroll including all full-time, part-time, and temporary employees; and
  • Self-employed persons, sole proprietors, owners, managers, and partners

Method for calculating FTEs: Total hours worked in the year, divided by 1,920 hours, equals number of FTEs. For new businesses, estimate the number of employee hours to be worked during a full calendar year.

A fraction of less than 0.5 is rounded down; a fraction of 0.5 or over is rounded up to the next whole number.


12,000 hours worked
1,920 hours
  =    6.25  >   6 FTEs            24,200 hours worked 
1,920 hours
 =   12.6  >   13 FTEs

Non-Resident Businesses
The license for a business operating in the city, but based outside the city, is determined by gross annual income earned within the city's limits and number of employees (FTEs):

Reported Gross Annual Income

License Fee

$0 through $12,000

No license required

Above $12,000

$55 + $5 per employee


Nonprofit Businesses
Nonprofit businesses are exempt from licensing and fees with the City of Kennewick as to their civic and charitable activities.

Organizations certified as exempt from federal income tax under IRS code 501 (c)(3), (4), or (5) such as:

  • Accredited public or private schools, colleges, or universities
  • Religious bodies, recognized churches, fraternal organizations and lodges
  • Civic and charitable organizations, including nonprofit hospitals and clinics.

Home Operated Businesses
A home-based business must meet certain criteria required in the Kennewick Municipal Code 18.42.090.

Submitting an application for a City of Kennewick Home Occupation Business License certifies that you have read and agree to comply with the home occupation requirements.