City of Fife Requirements and Fee Calculation Instructions

City of Fife Requirements and Fee Calculation Instructions

General businesses located inside Fife City limits

License fee is determined by:

  • Number of employees, OR
  • Number of rental units

Employee count determination:

  • If you have reported employment to the State Employment Security Department, use the employee count from your most recent Unemployment Compensation Quarterly Report. A copy of the report may be required by the City of Fife for verification.
  • If you have not reported employment, estimate the maximum number of employees to be employed at any one time at this location during the next 12 months. Convert part-time personnel to full-time equivalents by adding total weekly hours worked; divide by 40, round up fractions. 

The owner(s) will be included when determining the number of employees.

Employee Fee Calculation

Total number of employees

License fee

0 through 2


3 through 5


6 through 12


13 through 25


26 through 50





Rental unit determination:

  • Landlords that offer four or more residential rental units in the city limits are considered rental property businesses, regardless if vacant. The number of rental units is counted city-wide. Qualified rental units include:
    • Apartments
    • Houses
    • Mobile homes
  • Examples of rentals that do NOT qualify are:
    • Hotels/motels
    • Short term rentals
    • Storage units

NOTE: When a landlord registers for a business license only the rental business office location is required to be licensed.


Rental Fee Calculation

Total number of rental units

License fee

0 through 3

Refer to employee table above



Non-Resident businesses

The license for a business operating in this city, but based outside this city, is determined by gross annual income earned within this city’s limits:

Reported gross annual income

License fee

$0 through $2,000

No license required

Above $2,000


Nonprofit businesses

License fee: There are NO fees for nonprofit businesses.

Nonprofit businesses, other than religious organizations, must provide a copy of the confirmation from the Internal Revenue Service of tax exemption under IRS Code 501(c)(3) to qualify for a nonprofit license from the City of Fife.