WA State Licensing: Check status of a professional license

Check status of a business or professional license

You can Search business licenses to find out:

  • If a person or business has a professional license.
  • If a business is licensed with a city or the state.
  • If your business or professional license is active.
  • When a business or professional license will expire.

Search tips

  • You can search by:
    • Name
    • License number
    • Type of license
    • Location
  • If the search doesn’t find a record that matches the street address, try searching by name, type of license, or license number. Some professional licenses don’t list a street address and may not show up if you search by location.
  • The search will only provide information about business and professional licenses issued by the Department of Licensing. For information about licenses issued by other agencies, visit the List of licenses.