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You requested license information on the following business activity:
    Cleaning Service
    Office Cleaning
    Professional Service Organization

To be conducted in:
    Marysville (Snohomish County) WA
    Seattle (King County) WA


    Sole Proprietor

Please be advised that you should contact ANY county or incorporated city in which you perform your work to determine if additional licenses are needed.

Marysville (Snohomish County) WA
    Business Licensing Inquiries
    Community Development
    1049 State Avenue
    Marysville, WA 98270 USA
    Phone: (360) 363-8100
    Fax: (360) 651-5099

Seattle (King County) WA
    Revenue and Consumer Affairs
    700 5th Ave Ste 4250
    PO Box 34214
    Seattle, WA 98124-4214 USA
    Phone: (206) 684-8484
    Fax: (206) 684-5170

King County, Washington

Snohomish County, Washington
    Licensing Division
    3000 Rockefeller Ave 1st Fl
    Everett, WA 98201 USA
    Phone: (425) 388-3627

Please remember:
* Verify with the city or county that the location of the business is zoned for that activity.
* Obtain a building permit for any construction or modification to a building.
* Check local codes before making or ordering a sign for your business because cities often restrict location, size, etc.
If you have questions about these requirements, please contact the City or County Planning and Building Department.

THE CITY OF SEATTLE requires all businesses located within the city limits, or who conduct business within the city limits, to be licensed with the city. Certain license may require approval through city police, planning, fire and building departments.

THE CITY OF MARYSVILLE requires all businesses located within the city limits, or who conduct business within the city limits, to be licensed with the city. Approval of license may go through city police, planning, fire and building departments. If your business is conducted in your home, certain restrictions may apply. Please contact the City of Marysville directly to obtain more information. You may apply for the city general business license using the Business License Application form.

MUNICIPAL BUSINESS TAXES: Washington cities tax private businesses, municipal, and private utility companies within their boundaries. Contact each city in which business will be conducted.

PROPERTY AND PERSONAL PROPERTY TAX: You must report your business property, furniture, equipment, supplies, etc., to the assessor of the county in which your business is located.

King County Assessor - (206) 296-7300

Snohomish County Assessor - (425) 388-3433

Licenses for the following state agencies are obtained through the Business License Application. Contact the agency directly if you have regulatory questions.

UNIFIED BUSINESS IDENTIFIER (UBI) NUMBER: A UBI number is a nine-digit number that registers you with several state agencies and allows you to do business in Washington State. A UBI number is sometimes called a tax registration number, a business registration number, and a business license number.
Use the Business License Application to apply for the UBI number.

SALES TAX INFORMATION: If your business provides a service to customers, you may be required to collect sales tax for that service. Contact the Washington State Department of Revenue for further information regarding sales tax at 1-800-647-7706 or visit their website at

You must contact the following agencies directly to obtain their licensing information.

SMALL BUSINESS GUIDE: For step-by-step instructions for planning, starting, operating, running or growing your business in Washington State, please read the Washington's consolidated Small Business Guide at:

You must contact the following agencies directly to obtain their licensing information.

NAME USAGE: To avoid possible infringement on a reserved name, do a thorough search on all business names you will use:
* Contact the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office at 1-800-786-9199 or visit
* Visit the Search Business Licenses website at
* Call the Trademark Division of the Secretary of State at (360) 725-0377

See specific licensing requirements:

FEDERAL FORMS: Call the Internal Revenue Service at 1-800-829-3676 to order the Publication 583 - Starting a Business and Keeping Records. Federal taxes may be paid by electronic transfer. In some cases, payment through electronic transfer is mandatory. Enrollment forms are available by calling either 1-800-555-4477 or 1-800-945-8400. You may also file some of your federal tax returns electronically. Contact the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 to obtain information on electronic filing.

U.S. COPYRIGHT LAWS: If you use or intend to use live or recorded music at your place of business, be aware that all music used in this way is protected by U.S. copyright laws. For information contact the American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers (ASCAP) at 1-800-505-4052, or Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI) at 1-800-925-8451, or Sesac Incorporated at 1-800-826-9996.

The following forms are available through the Business Licensing Service. Submit each to the address noted on the form. Additional forms may be required by regulatory agencies and jurisdictions previously listed on this letter. Please contact those agencies directly.

Washington State
QTYForm NameWeb Page Link
1Business License Application and License Fee Sheet
City Business Licensing
QTYForm NameWeb Page Link
1City Business License Addendum
1City License Fee Sheet

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The information produced by this system is updated regularly. However, this information is provided only as a guide. Legal requirements and regulations change, and neither the Department of Revenue, nor the State of Washington will be held responsible for any omissions or incorrect referrals.
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